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RPT-S500 PRIME Battery Regenerator (3-in-1)

RPT-S500 PRIME Battery Regenerator (3-in-1)
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Product Code : RPT-S500
Brand Name : PRIME
Product Description

1. Can restore all types of lead-acid batteries (40Ah~1,000Ah) if any cell was not physically damaged (as disposal states).
2. Can remove sulfate crystals on the plates entirely by the optimized real High-frequency pulse.
3. Can regenerate most sulfated batteries up to max. 120% capacity against new battery (Except disposal states of physical cell damages)
4. Can extend battery life spans up to 2~3 times longer and delay the battery's aging process.
5. Can save much costs by battery regeneration. (No more any saved recycle item than this regeneration)
6. Can restore batteries without any cell damage through optimized high-frequency pulse algorithm.
7. Optimized charging and regeneration algorithm data allows the most efficient way of recharging.
8. A full automatizing user interface (No better and easier interface than PRIME machines)
9. Multiple-purpose machine (3-in-1) :  3 machines are combined in RPT-S500 as Regenerator, Charger and Power Supply  modes (Manual Mode) 
10. The premium quality and performance with multiple functions, but the lowest prices. (Small Profits and Quick Returns)

Why YOU MUST BUY PRIME Battery Regenerators?

** Exclusive Advantages - All New Innovation!
1. Exclusive technology - The most advanced and optimized real high-frequency pulse regeneration technology.
2. Exclusive smart control system and high-frequency pulse inclusive current charging algorithm in a special Micom.
3. Exclusive regeneration software algorithm - Maximized restoration & desulfation effect and Minimal cell damage.
4. Exclusive bubble figure - The highest battery restoration performance with fine bubble de-sulfation process.
5. Exclusive 3-in-1 multi-functional machines - 30% price only comparing purchasing all machines individually. (But technology is much advanced)
6. Exclusive circuit protection system and the most advanced circuit system design.
7. Exclusive regeneration performance - What could be better than PRIME?  We are confident that there's nothing better!
8. Exclusive Power Supply Mode for manual setting regeneration and charge - Variable regeneration / charge methods.
9. Exclusive easy control and the easiest user interface by 8 inch TFT Touch Screen control set up
10. Exclusive full automatic regeneration process and fastest desulfation & charge time (15 hours).
11. Exclusive Graph output and printing by USB connection with PC(Microscopic analysis of regeneration or discharge test processes -  supplying a shielded A-A USB cable)
12. Exclusive elegant exterior housing design with achromatic colors

* PRIME does not give the cell damage with the higher voltage due to the integral equation by positive and negative high-frequency pulse waves (RMS - World exclusive technology).

*Special Advantages All New Innovation!

1. Universal compatibility - All kinds of Lead-acid batteries from 2V to 96V and 40Ah~1000Ah (RPT-S500/S600)
2. A full automatic operation by very simple set up. 
3. Excellent system durability and stability - Lowest defects by good quality parts and stable system
4. Lowest power consumption (ex. 48V 500Ah = about 45 KW power consumption only for 15 hours totally)
5. Adoption of various electrical safety protection circuit design
6. No battery explosion with the advanced circuit system and fine-bubble desulfation process.
7. Sustaining lower temperature in the battery by automatic output voltage & current control 
8. Satisfactory customer service and quick after service
9. Portable light weights and easy to carry  
10. Using anywhere with AC220V Single phase (RPT-S500/S600)