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Battery Regenerator

Repowertek Inc. is an exporter and manufacturer of Battery Regenerator, which are produced in our factory in South Korea. In this range, we offer five series that are RPT-C200 Prime, RPT-C300 Prime, RPT-E400 for Lead Acid, RPT-S500 Prime and RPT-S600 Prime. All these products are used for restoring the capacity of lead acid storage cells. This results in increasing the life cycle of cells. All our Battery Regenerators have multiple capabilities, some of which are regenerator, discharge, CCA check, charge, power supply and IR Check. Using these devices, one can restore as well as charge batteries having capacity up to 300Ah.
Product Image (RPT-S500)

RPT-S500 PRIME Battery Regenerator (3-in-1)

RPT-S500 (3-in-1) : Packaging Size : 1100mm(H) x 530mm(W) x 680mm(D), 67.5kg DHL (80kgs) 1. Regenerator (2V~96V all adjustable voltages-in-one, 40Ah~ 1,000Ah capacity) at ‘REGENERATION’ mode 2. Charger (2V~96V all adjustable voltages-in-one, Up to 1,000Ah capacity) at ‘CHARGE’ mode 3. Power Supply (2V~96V free setting mode of Voltage, Current & Time for special & sleeping batteries) * Mainly used for 2V Forklift, TELECOM UPS & other Traction bank/rack connected batteries * Maximum Limited Output Current : 2V~48V = 60A and 50V~96V = 30A * A Discharger (RPT-D10K) is optional.

Product Image (RPT-S600 (3-in-1))

RPT-S600 PRIME Battery Regenerator (3-in-1)

PRIME RPT-S600 is all same specifications with RPT-S500, except its housing size and weight only. Portable Compact Type for Maintenance Usage. Packaging Size : 760mm(H) x 530mm(W) x 680mm(D), 54.1kgs

Product Image (RPT-C300)

RPT-C300 PRIME Battery Regenerator (6-in-1)

RPT-T300 is not an analyzer, but a battery condition tester with Regenerator & Charger & Power Supply & Discharger – 5 machines and 2 checker functions are all-in-one combined for 6V~12V batteries. At ‘CONDITION TEST’ mode, it can test the battery conditions (12V, up to 300Ah) within a few minute. You can see it as ‘CELL CUT’, ‘CELL SHORT’ or ‘CELL CORROSION’ on the screen with a beep sound. If the battery is tested as a good battery to be regenerated, then you can see "OK TEST FINISH" on the screen with a beep sound as well. With RPT-T300, you can regenerate all kinds of lead-acid batteries including 6V~12V VRLA AGM & GEL, Car, Deep Cycle, Solar and so on. The discharger supports up to 420 watts. Input AC Power Consumption: 800Watts (max.). 280mm(H) x 430mm(W) x 520mm(D), 13.2kg

Product Image (RTP-E400)

RPT-E400 Battery Regenerator for Lead Acid

Price: 5000 USD ($)/Kilograms

  • Size (WxDxH): 345mm x 440mm x 230mm
  • Weight: Approx. 17 kg
  • Voltage & Frequency: AC 200~250V/50~60Hz
  • Battery voltage (Adjustable): DC 6V, 8V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V
  • Battery capacity (Adjustable)
  • Optimization: 40Ah~400Ah
  • Maximum expansion: 1000 Ah(3 times)