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RPT-T300 Battery Condition Tester & Regenerator (7-in-1)

RPT-T300 Battery Condition Tester & Regenerator (7-in-1)
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Product Code : RPT-T300 (All-in-One)
Brand Name : PRIME
Product Description

RPT-T300 Battery Condition Tester & Regeneration System(7-in-1 Multi-functional Regeneration System);It is a very special all-in-one Battery ConditionTester for 6V~12V lead-acid batteries.  Itsupports multi-functions of digital Regenerator + Charger + Discharger + PowerSupply + IR & CCA Checkers + Battery Condition Tester up to 300Ah at 12Vbatteries.  For 12V battery, it is composed of 2 volts x 6cells.   It is hard to know about shorted circuit, cell cut, cellcorrosion state and any damaged cells prior to a restoration process.  Inthis reason, the other competitors must check on these damaged cases after finishing a processonly.  So, we have developed on ‘RPT-T300’.  It can find the short ofelectrodes and damaged cells within few minutes before restorationprocedure.  Auto battery condition test function (whether to be restoredor not - by ‘CONDITION TEST’ mode). By using it, most batteries will beassorted for targeting ones to be regenerated with our new RPT-T300 if they donot have any cell cut or short and internal cell's damage (corrosion). RPT-T300 has a full automated function to regenerate by setting of Voltageand Total capacity only.   

RPT-T300 (7-in-1 Multi-functional Battery Condition Tester and Regeneration System) 6V~12VRegenerator Mode(Max. 25A), Battery Condition Test Mode, Charge Mode, Power Supply  Mode, DischargeMode(Max. 30A) and Internal Resistance & CCA (For Car battery ) Checking(7-in-1).  For 6V~12V all kinds of Lead-AcidBatteries, the regeneration performance will be much superior to any otherproducts.   Input AC Power Consumption: 800W (max.).   You can resell RPT-T300 to Batterywholesale, retail shops and Car repair shops as a battery physician.  Thisitem will be very good for battery sellers due to the superior restorationeffectiveness for feeble new batteries which lost chemical activation andover-discharged.  The maximum power consumption: 600 watts.
* All functionsand features are same with RPT-C300 (6-in-1).  Onlyone difference is RPT-C300 (6-in-1) does not have the ‘Condition Test’ mode.(Same as a Battery Condition Identifier) 280mm(H) x 430mm(W) x 520mm(D),13.2kg   

1.  Battery Regenerator at ‘REGENERATION’ mode
2.  Battery Charger at ‘CHARGE’ mode
3.  Power Supply at ‘POWER SUPPLY‘ mode (Manual setting mode of Voltage,Current & Time for special & sleeping batteries)
4.  Battery Discharger (420 Watts) at ‘DISCHARGE’ mode
Battery Condition Tester at ‘CONDITION TEST’ mode (12V only up to 200Ah)

5.  IR (Internal Resistance) Checking - before & after 2 ways
6.  CCA (Clod Cranking Ampere for Car Battery ONLY) Checking - before& after 2 ways