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RPT-S500 Prime Battery Regenerator

RPT-S500 Prime Battery Regenerator
RPT-S500 Prime Battery Regenerator
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Product Code : RTP-S500
Product Description
We are offering technically advanced RPT-S500 Prime Battery Regenerator (Battery Restoration System), having variable applications like charging, regenerating, and power supply. We provide best model of product having innovative features like restoring and recharging up to 1000Ah battery capacity, and suitable for AGM, VRLA and GEL type of batteries. For easy monitoring and operating, we provide TFT LCD touchscreen display along with SMPS switching control. The  Prime Battery Regenerator RPT-S500 that we offer is equipped with optimized charging and restoring algorithm, which can recharge 96v of multiple batteries simultaneously, and also enhance battery life-cycle up to 2-3 times.

Technical Specification:
  • AC 210 -250V Compatibility Smart Control System by Micom
  • Can regenerate and charge high-capacity batteries (Max. 1,000Ah)
  • Adopted on the optimized high-frequency pulse up to 40Khz
  • All kinds of 2V -96V lead-acid batteries including Forklift and Telecom UPS
  • Optimization of operating conditions for all countries
  • Control minute electric current & voltage depending on the type of battery
  • Restoring and recharging for large capacity batteries
  • Minimizes damage to electrodes and restrain accumulation of sulfate on electrodes  
  • Lowest power consumption Optimized charging and restoring algorithm
  • Utilizes special pattern information on various battery kinds and characteristics
  • Prevents electrical/physical damage when restoring and charging batteries
  • Can set up values manually as a high-end power supply (Power Supply Mode)
  • Maintains low battery temperature during restoring (Input Over-voltage Protection)
  • Prevent from higher battery temperature by output voltage and current control
  • Prevents potential hazard caused by high battery temperature
  • Stable current I voltage supply (Control input voltage variation function)